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At the heart of Singapore’s botanical reputation lies the beauty of her national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim. With sprinkles of dried petals, this tea embodies the grace of the majestic orchid which is sure to bring delight to all ages.
Woody Red Tea repeated scented with velvety sweet Lychee from Majestic Treasures series
A bold masculine Oolong tea filled with warm rounded woody textures from Majestic Treasures series
Precious golden Osmanthus Flowers blended with Spring Flush Tie Guan Yin from Majestic Treasures series
7 year Vintage Pu Erh shaped into nugget like shape with sweet glutinous herb from Majestic Treasures series
Inspired by the world-renowned brew originally concocted in Raffles Hotel, this caffeine-free tea replicates the colorful tropical flavor of the cocktail without alcohol.
Jade Spring tea fused with sweet Mango and zesty Passionfruit from Shanghai Tisanes selection
A collection of 2 UK Great Taste Award winning teas specially crafted to represent our garden city, Singapore. Within every set are two luxurious gold tins that each holds 15 sachets of an iconic flavor: Vanda Miss Joaquim and Ginger Garden.
Lush floral serenity of the Ginger Garden at Singapore's Botanic Gardens is brewed into this tea at the very first sip. Its key ingredient, Ginger Flower, is widely used in Asian cuisines to infuse an aromatic orient mystic to flavorful creations.
Refreshing notes of candied Lychee with soothing scents of Osmanthus flowers from Shanghai Tisanes selection
Warm calming notes of Pu Erh powdered with refreshing notes of Japanese Kumquat from Shanghai Tisanes selection
Powdery notes of French Rose layered with sweet scents of Jasmine from Shanghai Tisanes selection
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